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Modern Bedroom
Modern Bedroom

I actually don't have my own bedroom, to be honest. Yeah it's kinda embarrassing. Well, that's what happens when your parents didn't plan early on the house they're buying.


My house is actually small and when my older brother was born, they realized that they didn't plan ahead. We have 3 bedrooms, one for them, one for the nannies (because both of them has to go to work) and one for our cousins when they spend the night in during New Year's. There wasn't even a real kitchen so that has to be the priority. So they extended our house to make room for a kitchen.


Me and my brother have been sharing our parents' room until he graduated high school. The bed would be for me and my mom and two mattresses on the floor for my dad and him. He moved out of the room and into the guest room so now, that's his room so I'm still stuck, sharing my parents' room. LOL! The university he's attending doesn't have those dormitories and even if they did, my mother wouldn't allow him to live in one.


So now, I'm still in high school and I still share the bed with my mom since my bro took his mattress with him. She says that if we have extra money, we would extend the house for my own room!


We don't have that enough money to have a room that nice but she says that I should get some ideas for how it's going to look. I'm thinking it could look like this. Smileyface.

Hey, I know it's more of a guy's room but to be real, their rooms look really functional. Catface.


If I would change things there, I would just take out the basketball in the corner. I like that guitar poster and the city wall just beside the bed. I could imagine myself reading and doing my homework there. Seems pretty good. Or maybe I'm a bit of a tomboy because I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys my brother's age (not a single girl here, really. If there was, they don't come out of their houses. I literally can not see a teenage girl like me). My brother always wanted a little brother of his own and I guess he treated me like one when we were kids.


Yeah. We're talking about the boys coming over to our house, playing different games like hide n' seek and those BB guns.


I'm guessing it's the latter.


Haven  - Kristi Cook Mirage - Kristi Cook

This is one of my main problem: Only the first book is released in my country. The second never did came.

Then my surprise that there is a third book.


The Winterhaven series will always be one of my favorite YA novels. It's a shame that I can't read the sequels. I can't even find a proper eBook of it.


Ultra sadface.


I guess when I graduate and, maybe, go through different countries, I could get to finally read the books that I didn't have the opportunity right now. Crossing my fingers for it! xx

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?


My first thought on this book: Ah, the strike-throughs are slowly diminishing. I remember back in Shatter Me, I would compare them to each other and see if there's a match. So I could be saying, "Oh that is totally computerized or something."


One thing I could say about this is Warner, I don't hate you anymore. Starting when you showed her your gift and made a crater with your hands. Now through-out the waiting for the publication for the 3rd installment, I could proudly wave my fist in Team Warner.

The puppy encounter in Destroy Me was in Unravel me and that part, I was so hooked. Couldn't take my mind off of it. Juliette's reaction towards her new light on Warner. That was cute. And him telling her his real name? That's even cute-r! (And the reason why some of the supplies are suddenly missing was a cool realization, that I can tell).


Hah! But that Chapter 62, though! Super smileyface.


But I was sad at the first part. I could feel Adam slowly drifting away from Juliette, who should stop crying about a lot of things. I mean, come on wake up and smell the cheese! People are cautious around you because you're so closed. I mean, yeah I get it, it's hard to break down your walls since you've been building them ever since your life started. I can't help feeling this way, it's ridiculous, I know! Hahah! But I am loving her progress of opening up to people.


And Kenji! My man! You are seriously on my favorite people list! You are epic. Mind-blowing. Cool and awesome.That performance, that act, that witty charm that you have. I may be more in love with you than Warner!

He appears that he knows nothing but flip the switch on that. I knew he would be one of the badass characters in the future. I just knew it. It's quite a sad back story when he learned about his powers.


Really.. That chapter. Hahah! One of the best chapters I have ever read!


"I want this up. I want this down."


BAM! I am practically fanning myself. The book was almost on fire and my hands are suffering from a second-degree burn.


He hits me with surprise yet again!


This book is a new change of pace for me. I am treasuring every encounters on this one. Very much.


Part 4 of this reaction review is Fracture Me.

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?




I don't even know what to think about you anymore! You just slapped me in the face, kissed me ever so sweetly but passionately, then slapped me in the face and left me wanting more!

I was confused. At the back of my Shatter Me book, there was a Warner point of view special and I was like "Warner? I would think it would be Adam first because he's the partner of Juliette but.. Warner? Ms. Tahereh Mafi, you make me so confused." And I would imagine her to be "Oh *evil laugh* just wait and see what I have in store for you."


At first, I was so biased, so deep in hate with him. He would say that he and Juliette have so much in common and my reaction would be "NO." like the No Cat meme. Well, until his father arrived.


Right there, I could see a little boy being run over-ed by his father's authority. His concern for his mother. His reactions and feelings towards Juliette that I saw under a new light. But the thing that halts me in my tracks on my road to hatred are the things he does with reason but he keeps behind a facade.


Shooting Fletcher because he beats his wife and eventually killing the unborn child. Him wanting to go to her room for it was the last time he saw her. His overcompensating his crimes by little everyday things, like organizing and being a freak in cleanliness.


Then that puppy happened.

That dog shattered my hatred-ness towards him. And his dimples. And him laughing? Oh my God, I practically died! I actually made an involuntarily squeal and my friend, who was sitting beside me, was like "What the hell?"

Then Juliette came up and suddenly disappeared and my realization kicked in. Oh my God, that's probably going to happen on Unravel Me, oh my God...

And for a second there, I actually thought he was going to kick the puppy away. Then he said he was going to play with it, my mind said, "What are you, 10? Like James? Because that super CUTE!! AWWWW~!"


This short novella made me scream for more when the pdf form I was reading told me that it was the last page. But it compensated with the Warner files. Now that was really interesting.


Part 3 of this reaction review is Unravel Me.

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?


You could practically see me singing Adam's name out loud. Fangirling about him saving Juliette from Sector 45. I am so in love with him in this book! Super happyface.


Juliette is a strong-headed teen who was falsely accused. But, hey, if you were in her position, you would've done the same thing. Not having friends, getting locked up and all you have are the numbers and words in your head, a small notebook and a penthat magically never lost its ink (I think someone also got that small note in their head. I mean, she had it for 200-plus days).

But sometimes, she makes me facepalm.

Acting too childish, she would turn her head away from the food she was given. I mean, I get it. There are a lot of people out there starving but did Katniss turn her's? No. I didn't think so. You could've recharged your energy instead of being a limp vegetable, right?

And she would regret ever being born. Apologize to everyone for being the 'abomination' she is. Well, girl, I say, make your change. Prove that you were born for a reason! I bet that's gonna happen through-out the book though..


Oh Adam, Adam, Adam. If you will snap your fingers for me to get into your bed, you'd be surprised that I'm already there for the past hour. It's actually cute that you were in school with her and the flashback on when she gave you her seat on the bus, I practically melted with feels.

Adam is not like your average male hero. Appearing that he is on the dark side, he has that brilliant light shining out of him. It would be so bright, you could melt your eyes off. Well, seeing his body, that alone could melt all of you. Wink wink.

I love his protectiveness over Juliette and forward-planning, I would say that I'm ecstatic to see him evolve though-out this book. I could tell it's gonna be hot hot hot!


Warner is just a sick freak. I mean, he sounds crazy. All domineering and stuff. Thinking that he knows Julliette. Think that he is the king of the world, that he could do anything and he could get away with it. He is the ideal poster child for a book villain. And I love him!

You could hate him so easily and so does Juliette.

But the thing that makes me screwy is that kiss. You.. love her? Really? It's more like you love the IDEA of her because to you, she's just a tool. A weapon for destruction. Well, news flash, buddy: She has a brain; she's not a mindless animal. She's an intellectual human being, like you!

Damn, I hate your guts so much.


But honestly, he makes me question. I could see emotion in his words (provided by Ms. Tahereh, of course) that he could be sincere. And him grabbing some part of her that she wouldn't leave? Risking his life? When he knows that she could kill him with only a single touch? When he's too smart and calculative for his own good? I mean, that's not just a oh-it-slipped-out-of-my-mind-that-she-could-kill-me kind of thing. That's something more. And I'm looking forward to his future appearance in the series. Please do something to hate you more..


On a side note, my most favorite character is Kenji. He's just funny, the first time I read him. I don't know a lot about him but his loyalty to his friendship with Adam is striking and he's the character I'm most looking forward to.


That was a long reaction review. That's me, ranting about Warner most of all. I just purely hated his guts with white-hot rage back then.

Part 2 of this reaction review is Destroy Me.

Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi

March 8, 2014


Again, just like Allegiant, Through The Ever Night is also waiting for me in my bookshelf. I'm not following the story very much. Now I know that it's my fault... I think...


I've read Under The Never Sky when it was first released. which is quite the while. But while reading that, I remember that I was regretting buying it in the first place. I was so BORED with the story at the start. To be honest, I skipped quite the few. I remember Aria being in trouble by starting that fire and I skipped a few and only came back when she was dropped.


You could imagine my reaction when something happened to Talon.


So yeah, before April 26, because that's when Veronica Rossi would come to my country with her book signing along with 2 more YA authors, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs, I would reread Under The Never Sky, finished Through The Ever Night and, hopefully, read Into The Still Blue.


Until then, sit tight Aria and Perry..

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

March 8, 2014



Okay. I've been reading this since 2013 when it came out but, unlike Divergent and Insurgent, I have been putting this down a lot.


It's just that it has more "GDs and this while GPs are that. More talk about something blah blah blah" and then you would see my eyes wander outside the book and be like "Oh hey that's a tree. My surroundings are very interesting," then I would remember that I'm reading a book and get back to it but would only repeat my sight-seeing with the world outside sooner or later.


I don't know if it's the book that's wrong or me. Maybe I haven't read Divergent and Insurgent for quite a while that I forgot the story details. My friends are already done with this so I think it's just me.


I'll give a updated review when I get it done. I would probably read this after I've reread the 2 books. Which might be a while since I'm in a critical position in my school right now.


 I should be doing a Chemistry Research Paper about water right now but I was like "Oh hello internet, I didn't see you there! What's that? Facebook? And Booklikes? That's an interesting thought you have. I'll just check on those for only 5 minutes then I'll return to my paper." And look at me now 3 hours later.. Hah!



""Maybe it's not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.""

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