Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

March 8, 2014



Okay. I've been reading this since 2013 when it came out but, unlike Divergent and Insurgent, I have been putting this down a lot.


It's just that it has more "GDs and this while GPs are that. More talk about something blah blah blah" and then you would see my eyes wander outside the book and be like "Oh hey that's a tree. My surroundings are very interesting," then I would remember that I'm reading a book and get back to it but would only repeat my sight-seeing with the world outside sooner or later.


I don't know if it's the book that's wrong or me. Maybe I haven't read Divergent and Insurgent for quite a while that I forgot the story details. My friends are already done with this so I think it's just me.


I'll give a updated review when I get it done. I would probably read this after I've reread the 2 books. Which might be a while since I'm in a critical position in my school right now.


 I should be doing a Chemistry Research Paper about water right now but I was like "Oh hello internet, I didn't see you there! What's that? Facebook? And Booklikes? That's an interesting thought you have. I'll just check on those for only 5 minutes then I'll return to my paper." And look at me now 3 hours later.. Hah!