Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?




I don't even know what to think about you anymore! You just slapped me in the face, kissed me ever so sweetly but passionately, then slapped me in the face and left me wanting more!

I was confused. At the back of my Shatter Me book, there was a Warner point of view special and I was like "Warner? I would think it would be Adam first because he's the partner of Juliette but.. Warner? Ms. Tahereh Mafi, you make me so confused." And I would imagine her to be "Oh *evil laugh* just wait and see what I have in store for you."


At first, I was so biased, so deep in hate with him. He would say that he and Juliette have so much in common and my reaction would be "NO." like the No Cat meme. Well, until his father arrived.


Right there, I could see a little boy being run over-ed by his father's authority. His concern for his mother. His reactions and feelings towards Juliette that I saw under a new light. But the thing that halts me in my tracks on my road to hatred are the things he does with reason but he keeps behind a facade.


Shooting Fletcher because he beats his wife and eventually killing the unborn child. Him wanting to go to her room for it was the last time he saw her. His overcompensating his crimes by little everyday things, like organizing and being a freak in cleanliness.


Then that puppy happened.

That dog shattered my hatred-ness towards him. And his dimples. And him laughing? Oh my God, I practically died! I actually made an involuntarily squeal and my friend, who was sitting beside me, was like "What the hell?"

Then Juliette came up and suddenly disappeared and my realization kicked in. Oh my God, that's probably going to happen on Unravel Me, oh my God...

And for a second there, I actually thought he was going to kick the puppy away. Then he said he was going to play with it, my mind said, "What are you, 10? Like James? Because that super CUTE!! AWWWW~!"


This short novella made me scream for more when the pdf form I was reading told me that it was the last page. But it compensated with the Warner files. Now that was really interesting.


Part 3 of this reaction review is Unravel Me.