Modern Bedroom
Modern Bedroom

I actually don't have my own bedroom, to be honest. Yeah it's kinda embarrassing. Well, that's what happens when your parents didn't plan early on the house they're buying.


My house is actually small and when my older brother was born, they realized that they didn't plan ahead. We have 3 bedrooms, one for them, one for the nannies (because both of them has to go to work) and one for our cousins when they spend the night in during New Year's. There wasn't even a real kitchen so that has to be the priority. So they extended our house to make room for a kitchen.


Me and my brother have been sharing our parents' room until he graduated high school. The bed would be for me and my mom and two mattresses on the floor for my dad and him. He moved out of the room and into the guest room so now, that's his room so I'm still stuck, sharing my parents' room. LOL! The university he's attending doesn't have those dormitories and even if they did, my mother wouldn't allow him to live in one.


So now, I'm still in high school and I still share the bed with my mom since my bro took his mattress with him. She says that if we have extra money, we would extend the house for my own room!


We don't have that enough money to have a room that nice but she says that I should get some ideas for how it's going to look. I'm thinking it could look like this. Smileyface.

Hey, I know it's more of a guy's room but to be real, their rooms look really functional. Catface.


If I would change things there, I would just take out the basketball in the corner. I like that guitar poster and the city wall just beside the bed. I could imagine myself reading and doing my homework there. Seems pretty good. Or maybe I'm a bit of a tomboy because I grew up in a neighborhood full of boys my brother's age (not a single girl here, really. If there was, they don't come out of their houses. I literally can not see a teenage girl like me). My brother always wanted a little brother of his own and I guess he treated me like one when we were kids.


Yeah. We're talking about the boys coming over to our house, playing different games like hide n' seek and those BB guns.


I'm guessing it's the latter.