Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?


You could practically see me singing Adam's name out loud. Fangirling about him saving Juliette from Sector 45. I am so in love with him in this book! Super happyface.


Juliette is a strong-headed teen who was falsely accused. But, hey, if you were in her position, you would've done the same thing. Not having friends, getting locked up and all you have are the numbers and words in your head, a small notebook and a penthat magically never lost its ink (I think someone also got that small note in their head. I mean, she had it for 200-plus days).

But sometimes, she makes me facepalm.

Acting too childish, she would turn her head away from the food she was given. I mean, I get it. There are a lot of people out there starving but did Katniss turn her's? No. I didn't think so. You could've recharged your energy instead of being a limp vegetable, right?

And she would regret ever being born. Apologize to everyone for being the 'abomination' she is. Well, girl, I say, make your change. Prove that you were born for a reason! I bet that's gonna happen through-out the book though..


Oh Adam, Adam, Adam. If you will snap your fingers for me to get into your bed, you'd be surprised that I'm already there for the past hour. It's actually cute that you were in school with her and the flashback on when she gave you her seat on the bus, I practically melted with feels.

Adam is not like your average male hero. Appearing that he is on the dark side, he has that brilliant light shining out of him. It would be so bright, you could melt your eyes off. Well, seeing his body, that alone could melt all of you. Wink wink.

I love his protectiveness over Juliette and forward-planning, I would say that I'm ecstatic to see him evolve though-out this book. I could tell it's gonna be hot hot hot!


Warner is just a sick freak. I mean, he sounds crazy. All domineering and stuff. Thinking that he knows Julliette. Think that he is the king of the world, that he could do anything and he could get away with it. He is the ideal poster child for a book villain. And I love him!

You could hate him so easily and so does Juliette.

But the thing that makes me screwy is that kiss. You.. love her? Really? It's more like you love the IDEA of her because to you, she's just a tool. A weapon for destruction. Well, news flash, buddy: She has a brain; she's not a mindless animal. She's an intellectual human being, like you!

Damn, I hate your guts so much.


But honestly, he makes me question. I could see emotion in his words (provided by Ms. Tahereh, of course) that he could be sincere. And him grabbing some part of her that she wouldn't leave? Risking his life? When he knows that she could kill him with only a single touch? When he's too smart and calculative for his own good? I mean, that's not just a oh-it-slipped-out-of-my-mind-that-she-could-kill-me kind of thing. That's something more. And I'm looking forward to his future appearance in the series. Please do something to hate you more..


On a side note, my most favorite character is Kenji. He's just funny, the first time I read him. I don't know a lot about him but his loyalty to his friendship with Adam is striking and he's the character I'm most looking forward to.


That was a long reaction review. That's me, ranting about Warner most of all. I just purely hated his guts with white-hot rage back then.

Part 2 of this reaction review is Destroy Me.