Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

This is actually a reaction review.

You could see my transition of emotions through-out the series. Catface.

It may contain spoilers. It's a freaking reaction review, what do you expect?


My first thought on this book: Ah, the strike-throughs are slowly diminishing. I remember back in Shatter Me, I would compare them to each other and see if there's a match. So I could be saying, "Oh that is totally computerized or something."


One thing I could say about this is Warner, I don't hate you anymore. Starting when you showed her your gift and made a crater with your hands. Now through-out the waiting for the publication for the 3rd installment, I could proudly wave my fist in Team Warner.

The puppy encounter in Destroy Me was in Unravel me and that part, I was so hooked. Couldn't take my mind off of it. Juliette's reaction towards her new light on Warner. That was cute. And him telling her his real name? That's even cute-r! (And the reason why some of the supplies are suddenly missing was a cool realization, that I can tell).


Hah! But that Chapter 62, though! Super smileyface.


But I was sad at the first part. I could feel Adam slowly drifting away from Juliette, who should stop crying about a lot of things. I mean, come on wake up and smell the cheese! People are cautious around you because you're so closed. I mean, yeah I get it, it's hard to break down your walls since you've been building them ever since your life started. I can't help feeling this way, it's ridiculous, I know! Hahah! But I am loving her progress of opening up to people.


And Kenji! My man! You are seriously on my favorite people list! You are epic. Mind-blowing. Cool and awesome.That performance, that act, that witty charm that you have. I may be more in love with you than Warner!

He appears that he knows nothing but flip the switch on that. I knew he would be one of the badass characters in the future. I just knew it. It's quite a sad back story when he learned about his powers.


Really.. That chapter. Hahah! One of the best chapters I have ever read!


"I want this up. I want this down."


BAM! I am practically fanning myself. The book was almost on fire and my hands are suffering from a second-degree burn.


He hits me with surprise yet again!


This book is a new change of pace for me. I am treasuring every encounters on this one. Very much.


Part 4 of this reaction review is Fracture Me.