Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi

March 8, 2014


Again, just like Allegiant, Through The Ever Night is also waiting for me in my bookshelf. I'm not following the story very much. Now I know that it's my fault... I think...


I've read Under The Never Sky when it was first released. which is quite the while. But while reading that, I remember that I was regretting buying it in the first place. I was so BORED with the story at the start. To be honest, I skipped quite the few. I remember Aria being in trouble by starting that fire and I skipped a few and only came back when she was dropped.


You could imagine my reaction when something happened to Talon.


So yeah, before April 26, because that's when Veronica Rossi would come to my country with her book signing along with 2 more YA authors, Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs, I would reread Under The Never Sky, finished Through The Ever Night and, hopefully, read Into The Still Blue.


Until then, sit tight Aria and Perry..